StarCraft 2 Planned for Release This Year

By Alice O'Connor, May 31, 2009 7:05pm PDT StarCraft 2 is currently scheduled for a release at the end of this year, Blizzard president Mike Morhaime announced today in an Activision Blizzard pre-E3 conference call.

"We're targeting an end of year release--this year--for StarCraft 2," said Morhaime. "But as always, we won't release it until it meets our standards and the expectations of our players."

The first installment of the PC sci-fi strategy trilogy will be Terrans: Wings of Liberty, featuring a Terran singleplayer campaign and full multiplayer for all races. Both multiplayer and singleplayer will be expanded by Zerg: Heart of the Swarm and Protoss: Legacy of the Void, to come later and potentially years apart.

A closed beta of StarCraft 2--currently accepting signups--is set to begin this summer.

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  • I almost (but only almost) wish that they would delay this game simply so I would have more time to play all of the other games coming out before year's end (and to play through Fallout 3 again).

    Also, I'm very much in the camp of considering a multi-title Starcraft 2 release to be a positive thing. Extending the single player aspect over a several year period is a great idea, though I can see it causing problems if either of the subsequent releases adds new multiplayer units. I'm not sure how they plan on handling that. For tournament (and longevity of the game) purposes, it seems logical for them to keep the multiplayer units consistent for everyone.