Sonic Goes Karting in SEGA All-Stars Racing

Following the successful mashup of Sega Superstars Tennis, the various beloved characters of Sega's rich and diverse gaming history will once again be facing off against each other early next year, this time in a Mario Kart-esque battle racer. nope

Coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii and Nintendo DS, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing--conceivably the spiritual sequel to the oft-forgotten Sonic Drift series--will allow for four-player offline races and online matches for up to eight competitors.

"Its huge variety of characters and vehicles, plus the ability to play both online and off set it apart from other games of this type," marketing director Gary Knight said of the game.

In addition, each racer will have their own unique special "All Star" attack to help them "get back into the race." For example, Sonic has the Super Sonic mode, AiAi can do the Banana Blitz, and two-tailed mutant fox Tails is able to perform the Tails Tornado.