Kojima Teaser Site Updated with Metal Gear Solid Character Big Boss

BOOM widget 80749 The website teasing Kojima Productions' next project was updated today with a picture of the Metal Gear Solid character Big Boss, apparently confirming an upcoming Metal Gear-related announcement from the company.

The site had previously featured only a countdown overtop an animated thunderstorm. The first countdown ended last week, only to reveal a new countdown to the widespread consternation of Metal Gear fans.

Speculation as to whether the lightning is a reference to Metal Gear character Raiden, and as to the meaning behind the site's mysterious letters and numbers, continues to run rampant. Leaked scans from Famitsu show that Raiden will likely be featured on the site before the current countdown ends.

The clock runs for another 112 hours, or until 6pm EST on Sunday, the eve of this year's E3 conference.