New Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor Map Detailed

By Chris Faylor, May 26, 2009 3:04pm PDT Last week, developer Relic began talking about a new Company of Heroes (PC) patch, which would "fix some key bugs" and add a new multiplayer map for those with the Tales of Valor expansion. Now, screenshots and details of that new map have arrived.

Titled Hebecrevon, the six-player Panzerkrieg arena offers tank-based warfare in a "more wide open" setting than the existing Panzerkrieg map, Industry. Balance changes for the mode will accompany the map, such as reduced effectiveness of sticky bombs.

While Relic's community site provided a wealth of information on the map, even noting that it's "derivative of mission eleven of the original Invasion of Normandy campaign," there's still no word as to when patch 2.600 will deliver its various tweaks.

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