Resident Evil 5 Sales Near 5 Million Mark

By Nick Breckon, May 25, 2009 3:36pm PDT Capcom has revealed that sales of its zombie shooter Resident Evil 5 now stand at 4.97 million worldwide, according to a Reuters report.

Capcom CFO Kazuhiko Abe noted in a speech at the Reuters Global Technology Summit in Tokyo that the game sold over 4.4 million units in March alone. Resident Evil 5 was released on March 5 in Japan, with the game hitting North America and Europe on March 13.

Sales of as many as 570,000 units in April brought the game near the 5 million mark, with May sales likely pushing it easily over the impressive milestone.

The company now expects sales of the game to total over one million copies in its new fiscal year, which would bring the total to around 5.4 million sales by the end of March 2010.

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  • RE4 on the GameCube was more remarkable..

    You all can shun me all you like.. i dont care
    1. you cant move while firing.. so you spend half the time.. running.. then firing..
    which is a total bummer fr me.. and pointless haven a shot gun.. cause you have to run up
    to get a devistaten hit with a shot gun..

    2 head blows up.. i would have been pleased only with that IF i could have more interaction with the game.. in RE4 you could get chopped up in numerous ways.. and the head would fly off ..

    3 you have no ammo.. enemies dont drop ammo it disolves.. and whats with the bit at the beginning of the game.. you go to suit up and arm your self.. and all you get is a dinky pistol.. with 12 rounds.. makes no sense at all..
    In RE4 you show up in a village thinking to pick up some presidents daughter.. yet you find all this hostility..

    4. enemies disolve into ammo.. there is no realism there what so ever.. why even make the controls and what not all realistic.. and not worry about you getting a disease from the evaporation sludge?
    See in the real forces you usually get drop cargos of weapons.. and ammo.. in this game you gotta be all evasive and use yr knife..

    5. you play as a commando.. and the most the can do with a knife is swing it once?.. another realistic fault, i mean if im a commando, and I know that theres these biological, evil monsters about.. i would be gettin riddick like on their ass.. zombies that can attack better then you.. yea thats genuine in some degree.. Least in dead space you get two stomps..

    Bottom line is the story was the only thing that made me finish the game.. even though i was already fed up with the gameplay after 5 mins.. Resident evil developers seem to becoming careless.. because the movies make more money then the games.. and thats obvious.. by many stand points..
    But whats next they going to do what Edios Did with Tomb Raider?.. Sale Resident Evil to Warner Bros..? Sale outs..

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