PixelJunk 1-4 Renamed to 'PixelJunk Shooter'

BOOM widget 80693Developer Q Games today announced the official name of its upcoming downloadable title: PixelJunk Shooter.

The 2D game, previously known as PixelJunk 1-4, has players blasting through caves to release pools of lava-quenching water.

Q Games ran a public naming contest to come up with a title for 1-4, with Shooter being picked as the winner for its simple descriptive quality.

"The most popular name suggested by a long shot was PixelJunk Elements, but we decided that it didn’t capture the shooting side of the game well enough and at the worst people might think it was a game about the weather," said Q Games president Dylan Cuthbert.

"'Depths' almost became the chosen name but our producer at Sony Santa Monica, Deborah Mars, sounded like she had a lisp when she said it, so we dropped that one early on," he added. "We needed to choose a name everyone can enunciate."

Click below for early gameplay footage from PixelJunk Shooter. BOOM video 1816