Morning Discussion

The best part about Friday is that it provides temporarily relief from the "it's almost Friday!" mantra that Nick "I Wear Headphones Wrong" Breckon has recently adopted. Unfortunately, I fear he will counter with "it's almost Christmas" or "your birthday!"

Played a bit of Team Fortress 2 and that inFamous demo last night. I'm really digging TF2's new Pipeline map, and looking forward to details on this random unlock stuff.

As for inFamous, I don't know. Cole seemed to die far too easily on normal, those kamikaze bombers that can kill you instantly aren't doing the game any favors, and the demo missions didn't seem to be that far removed from those of other open-world games. Escort this, destroy that, guard the flashy thingie--you know the drill.

On the plus side, climbing buildings is rather satisfying (each one is like a platforming puzzle) and frequent checkpoints prevent too much post-death repetition. I'm not sure I'll rush to the store to pick it up next week, but I'll probably play the full game at some point.

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