Second Modern Warfare 2 Teaser Released

by Nick Breckon, May 21, 2009 11:24pm PDT

A new teaser for the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 trailer has hit GameTrailers, debuting a few fresh clips of gameplay footage from the anticipated shooter sequel.

Check out the footage below. The trailer arrives May 24; the game itself on November 10.


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  • Looking forward to this. CoD4 was a game I didn't give a fuck about when it came was only when I gave its multiplayer an honest chance that I fell in love with it...its now my goto game for online multiplayer (which is saying something for it...since to play games online I have to go to the local shooting range or burger king and use their wireless since I have satellite at I have to drive 15 minutes to play the game and generally have to pick and choose what I play online and I still do back to it all the time).