LittleBigPlanet Getting Web-based Level Sharing

Media Molecule's adorable physics-driven PlayStation 3 platformer LittleBigPlanet will soon allow users to share their custom levels through the web, 1UP reports.

"Rather than going on forums and saying, 'Please search for my level,' you can just say, 'Here's a link,'" studio co-founder Alex Evans explained. The link will allow users to queue up level downloads, to be triggered the next time they start the game. nope

That functionality is coming "as soon as possible," Evans said, noting that the level-sharing portal site will offer an API for custom web-based LittleBigPlanet applications alongside online leaderboards and photo distribution.

Evans further revealed that the studio will begin testing upcoming game features through a limited public beta, saying "it's less about testing the online and more about giving the vocal minority a chance to see what's coming and to give us their feedback."