Team Fortress 2 Update: Sniper Gets April Fools' Urine, First TF2 Comic

The final tease for the Team Fortress 2 update has been released by Valve, bringing the Sniper's third unlockable alongside the first TF2 comic.

The comic is centered around the unlockable, which is in fact derived from this year's TF2 April Fools' joke. Yes, the sniper will now be armed to the teeth with jars of urine. This videogame is insane. nope "When splashed on enemies, they take 35% more damage for a period of time," writes Valve of the yellow stuff. "Jumping in water will wash off Jarate. Jarate is also able to short out Spies' cloaking devices. When used on teammates, Jarate will extinguish any fire effects."

Valve is also getting an early start on the weekend and making Team Fortress 2 free to all starting this Thursday.

The trial period will last through the end of Sunday, and will of course include Thursday's "Sniper vs. Spy" update. The game is now available for pre-loading.