Daily Team Fortress 2 Update Announces Sniper's Anti-Spy Shield

By Nick Breckon, May 14, 2009 2:04pm PDT The latest announcement regarding the upcoming TF2 Sniper update is a rather shocking one: an unlockable anti-Spy shield for the Sniper.

The Sniper wears the Razorback shield on his back, which provides him ample electrified protection from backstabbing spies. The battery-powered item is good for one use, but wearing it is said to "slow you down a little."

"Any poor sap dumb enough to backstab you while you're sporting one is getting a surprise to the tune of 10,000 volts," writes Valve. "Plus, if they want to stab you again, they'll have to wait until their knife cools down. Which is lucky for you, since the Razorback collapses into a million finely crafted pieces after a single stab."

The Sniper update, which also includes the head-slot items, Payload Race mode, new arena maps and more, will be out within days.

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  • So am I too understand this wont actually block the backstab. but rather warn the spy that "Hey, you kill me, I kill you too"? If thats the case, why does it specify that it breaks after 1 stab, being that if youre dead, youll just get another when you respawn. But then the picture shows a stuck knife, indicating that it did indeed stop the attack, and then whole hot-knife thing says that when a spy stabs, it breaks the shield, then might or might not damage him (10k volts would sure hurt) then heats his knife so he cant immediatly backstab the now shieldless sniper.

    Seems pretty nifty tho, minor run speed drop wont matter much on most maps either. I dig it. Tells spies to go backstab some other poor schmuck instead.

    Oh and can we all agree the updated melee weapon will probably be a short range boomerang that stuns ala scout bat?