NHL 10 Announced, Throws Fists

EA Sports has today announced NHL 10, the latest in its long-running hockey series.

To improve upon NHL 09--which Nick so lovingly praised--EA promises "more than 200 gameplay refinements," including a new precision passing mechanic, scoring from your knees and knocking pucks out the air, but the real treat is first-person fisticuffs.


Yank on someone's jersey then clock him one in the face and fans will erupt in delight, while your opponent's tough guys might step in to protect a 'skill' player from your blows.

A new board physics engine lets you shield the puck with your body and kick-pass, plus of course big players can pin you to the boards while crazed fans hammer on the glass.

Developed by EA Canada, NHL 10 is due out on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this fall.