New Hitman, Kane & Lynch Games Confirmed

Eidos Life President Ian Livingstone has revealed another Hitman game is in the works, as well as details on other upcoming sequels, in an interview with Gaming Indians.

"We haven't even announced the game yet" says Livingstone, "So everything you hear about the next Hitman game is purely speculation at this point." He goes on to speculate that the game is being developed by series creators and veterans IO Interactive.

The Hitman sequel is perhaps little surprise, as all other Eidos franchises listed in corporate documents released in April were already known to have sequels underway.

Livingstone also reveals that the sequel to Kane & Lynch: Dead Men under development at IO Interactive is currently scheduled for a September release, though "these games often slip because the production times are so difficult to predict."

On Tomb Raider, Livingstone says "The next Tomb Raider, I think, will surprise a lot of people and reinvigorate the franchise. There are some remarkable things we're doing in the next Tomb Raider to make you say, 'Oh Lara, I love you so much!'" Oh Ian!