Dragon Age's New Direction Heralded with 'New Shit'

by Nick Breckon, May 10, 2009 3:54pm PDT

I don't really know what to say about this Dragon Age: Origins (360, PS3, PC) trailer. BioWare calls it the "most brutal and blood-soaked video we've ever created.. a 'no holds barred' look at the most intense action ever seen in the history of BioWare games."

The company says this "shit" represents a "new direction for Dragon Age: Origins"--apparently confirming a shift from its roots in the old shit.


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  • Well, I'm glad they decided to make it a little more clear what the setting was. My biggest worry about this game was that it would fall into generic fantasy stereotypes. I mean - this still looks fantasy, but at least it's got some standout characteristic.

    I hope they keep the gameplay rather similar to Baldur's Gate, though. If I can't control a whole party of interesting characters in a turn based setting, level them up as I want, and see them interact with each other, I will be very sad. That's what made Baldur's Gate awesome to me.