3D Realms Says Goodbye

By Nick Breckon, May 08, 2009 5:44pm PDT 3D Realms community manager Joe Siegler has updated the official company website with a photo of the team (seen left) and a simple goodbye.

"Thanks for being fans and for all your support," reads the short message.

Siegler tells us that the photo, taken today, preceded a team visit to the local cinema for a showing of Star Trek. A full 3D Realms staff page, once kept for internal use, has also been made public.

The news broke yesterday that after some 12 years of development on Duke Nukem Forever, 3D Realms had been forced to shut down due to funding issues.

While all 3D Realms employees have been let go, representatives have since confirmed that publisher Apogee Software is still in operation, and that Frontline Games' Duke Nukem Trilogy of handheld titles will make it to stores.

Whether we'll ever see a Duke Nukem Forever is another matter. Publisher Take-Two retains the publishing rights to the title, while 3D Realms, which owns the rights to the game and Duke IP, has made no signal as to its plans.

Either way, our sympathies again go out to the affected employees. Thanks for the memories, 3DR.

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  • I gotta agree with many people here and say that I don't feel bad for 3DR as a company because they simply did not produce. In business, without a product, you're dead.

    However, I do feel for the employees who are now out of a job. That sucks, and I wish them good luck. I certainly don't know GeorgeB personally, but come on, after all that hype and all those cryptic, leading posts, and you have nothing to show for it? Seems like they should have just kept their mouths shut until they actually were ready to ship (i.e. in final beta testing). With all the news around Duke4 over the last 10 years, it's become a laughing stock.

  • I am probably wrong, and usually the furthest from being a conspiracy theororist. However, I also live in the real world.

    When shit like this happens(closing down). Shit like this does not happen(all this drama and mush). I mean come on. What the fuck. Is this some sort of chick flick?

    I have been a regular veiwer of both shack and 3drealms sites over the years and I know there are a lot of ties, but this is still a little too much.

    Oh well, my love and respect for the 3drealms group has probably turned me into the equivilant of an Elvis or Tupac fan who insists they are still alive......