Morning Discussion

by Alice O'Connor, May 07, 2009 7:00am PDT

3D Realms. Wow. Practically every other game I played when I first got into video games was a 3D Realms title, so they're an intrinsic part of PC gaming as I know it. Surreal.

In sunnier news, I'm excited about the upcoming StarCraft 2 beta. Nick badgered me into playing StarCraft recently and it seems we've finally found a game he's better at than me. Hopefully SC2's changes throw him off enough for me to win at least one round.

  • So I was reading the Kindle editorial on Engadget...

    As far as the DX is concerned, it seems the size is perfect for text books, however it lacks the features to make it good for studying and note taking. For example, you can't open two books or more at once and jump in between books for reference. The screen is e-ink so it's limited by it's capability to display nice crisp color images. And I'm unsure about how fast pages pop up, or if they're even cached, because any delay there would be really annoying and cumbersome.

    it seems like the DX version was made specifically for newspapers/text books, yet the whole platform seems more suited to reading novels. Bummer.