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By Alice O'Connor, May 07, 2009 7:00am PDT 3D Realms. Wow. Practically every other game I played when I first got into video games was a 3D Realms title, so they're an intrinsic part of PC gaming as I know it. Surreal.

In sunnier news, I'm excited about the upcoming StarCraft 2 beta. Nick badgered me into playing StarCraft recently and it seems we've finally found a game he's better at than me. Hopefully SC2's changes throw him off enough for me to win at least one round.

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  • Murdoch is investigating charging for access to online newspapers, and calls the current business model "malfunctioning". Apparently encouraged by success of WSJ online subscriptions:

    I think it's an interesting question. People like to cry about how pay models can't survive on the internet in the face of free competition, but it does seem like the majority of the actual journalistic content out there is still generated by traditional media. And that media is failing to cover any of its operating costs through advertising-only models. If all the major sources start putting up fee-charging walls people may find themselves with little choice but to pay if they want to read any actual content rather than just blogs circle-jerking each other.

    On the other hand, if sites start charging then advertising revenue will get more concentrated on those that remain free - so it may be a case of whoever survives longest without charging will come out on top.