Morning Discussion

By Alice O'Connor, May 07, 2009 7:00am PDT 3D Realms. Wow. Practically every other game I played when I first got into video games was a 3D Realms title, so they're an intrinsic part of PC gaming as I know it. Surreal.

In sunnier news, I'm excited about the upcoming StarCraft 2 beta. Nick badgered me into playing StarCraft recently and it seems we've finally found a game he's better at than me. Hopefully SC2's changes throw him off enough for me to win at least one round.

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  • Could this be a virus?
    My laptop is locking up - always either right after selecting a user (any user, as far as I can tell), or shortly after loading the profile. My main profile can't be loaded, though, so that becomes the default Windows profile. I've done a system restore, but that didn't solve the problem (and now my system restores are gone!) Normally I'd guess it was a hard drive error, but chkdsk checks out, after one corrupted segment fixed the first time I checked, and I've been able to do backups and such without a problem from the repair screen. So, might it be a virus, or is it just some vital Windows file that's gotten corrupted? Last I checked it locked up in safe mode too, though I should try that again.

    At the moment, I'm thinking of backing up some important files and then installing Windows 7 on it, before attempting the complete computer restore option.