Richard Garriott Sues NCSoft for $27 Million

BOOM widget 53377 Ultima creator Richard Garriott is suing former employer NCSoft for around $27 million, alleging he lost stock options when the Tabula Rasa publisher mischaracterised the circumstances of his depature, GamePolitics reports.

"I am leaving NCsoft to pursue [other] interests" wrote Garriot in an open letter when he left in November 2008, making his depature appear voluntary when this was not the case.

While in quarantine following his voyage into space, Garriott was informed by telephone that his employment was terminated despite his protestations, the suit alleges.

Had Garriot's employment been terminated, his stock options would have lasted until 2011. Instead, presented as voluntary, Garriott's options expired after 90 days and he sold into "one of the worst equity markets in modern history", losing "tens of millions".

Garriott seeks to recover damages, interest and legal fees for his claims of breach of contract, fraud, and/or negligent misrepresentation--totalling around $27 million.