Rumor: Thief Sequel Announcement Set for May 11

By Nick Breckon, May 04, 2009 12:02pm PDT Word that Eidos Montreal is set to announce its second project has lead forum-goers to deduce that the title is likely the fourth entry to the company's revered series of stealth-action games, Thief.

Following its announcement of Deus Ex 3, Eidos last year hinted that the title of its second unannounced game begins with the letter "T"--prompting quick assumptions of Thief 4.

But according to a recent advertisement in Edge magazine, the upcoming title also resides on GameSpot's "Hall of Fame," "Greatest Games of All Time" and "Ten Best Heroes of Gaming" lists. As Kotaku points out, GameSpot forum members soon realized that Thief is the only game mentioned on all three lists.

Eidos Montreal is predictably declining to comment on the rumors, instead pointing to May 11 as the day it will officially reveal the project.

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  • Why are announcements of announcements newsworthy? I can't wait til we start seeing announcing announcements of announcements.

    I'd love to see another Thief game though, just as long as it's better than 3. I really wanted to like that game but I just couldn't play it. I tried on many occasions and think the farthest I made it was half way through. I don't know if it was "consolitis" or just a plain crappy game, but I found the controls extremely clumsy and the engine didn't seem to be up to the task for handling that style of game.