Sony Launches Free MMO Free Realms

Sony Online has now launched Free Realms on PC, a free-to-play MMO bristling with surprisingly fun minigames, aimed at teenagers--oldies are still welcome, of course.

Free Realms's minigames are divided by profession--brawler, adventurer, chef, ninja, pet trainer, postman and so on--which can be focused on or switched between at will.

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You and your chums can crawl dungeons, race carts and enjoy other assorted hijinks. And in the very first quest you chase away robgoblins who are bullying a pig. Brilliant.

Free Realms is supported by optional subscriptions--granting leaderboard rankings, bonus character slots and new professions--and a real-world trading card game.

No specific date yet on the PlayStation 3 version, but it's due by the year's end.