Zeno Clash DLC, Demo and SDK in the Works

Zeno Clash designer Andres Bordeu has told Shacknews about ACE Team's plans for the first-person puncher post-release, including an SDK and downloadable content.


"We're planning on releasing DLC and releasing a compatible SDK so users can edit levels and other assets" said Bordeu, confirming details in a foreign-language interview with LagZero. No release date is scheduled yet but "it shouldn't take us very long."

ACE Team is currently working on a Zeno Clash demo, as well as a patch due "soon" to address "some game play mechanics, other tweaks, and general bug fixing."

"We're gathering all the community feedback we're getting," said Bordeu on the post-release response to the game. "We want to listen to what the players are saying."

On the DLC front, Bordeu says new Tower challenges are "definitely something we want to do" and that any added "will be free." He teases "We are also discussing the possibilty [sic] of doing other things," but ACE is "not ready to share them yet."

Thanks to reader DarkPepe for the tip, and Shacker WaterSign and wife for translations.