Rumor: Prototype Developer Working on Spider-Man, Bourne Veterans Get Transformers

Citing anonymous sources, a new report from Variety's Cut Scene Blog claims that studio owner Activision Blizzard has Prototype developer Radical working on a new Spider-Man game, with High Moon, The Bourne Conspiracy folks, on Transformers.

High Moon's Transformers game won't be based on any particular movie, Variety claims, and should be expected to arrive at some point in 2010. Activision has previously announced that the game for the second movie is due this June.

As for Radical's Spider-Man, the site merely noted that the open-world wall-running exploits of Prototype are a near-perfect fit for a Spider-Man game. No release estimate was provided, with Variety doubting that this fall's Spider-Man game will be Radical's.

While Activision has yet to comment on the rumors, more Spider-Man and Transformers titles would come as no surprise for the sequel-heavy publisher, especially in the wake of the marketing leak last year that detailed 14 different Spider-Man game concepts.