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By Chris Faylor, Apr 21, 2009 6:30am PDT

Good morning folks. Sorry to leave you with such a short post today, but I'm sure you'd rather read about all this awesome news instead of my take on Indiana's weather.

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  • I usually read several books at once, and the other two I'm reading right now are either fiction (excerpts are boring or meaningless for those not into the same book, and spoilers for those who are), or just not nearly as quotable.

    This is from the same book I was reading several weeks ago, Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex, by Mary Roach. This is not quite as horrifying as the excerpts I posted last time ( ) but some of it's pretty funny/interesting and I'll post it anyway.

    The current chapter is about the possible function of female orgasm (outside of pleasure).

    Anyway... highlights:

    "Research by the Department for Nutrition and Reproduction at Denmark's National Committee for Pig Production showed that sexually stimulating a sow while you artificially inseminate her leads to a 6 percent improvement in fertility."

    And yes, to improve the chances of fertilization, they make (almost) every effort to get the sows off.

    "For unlike stallions and bulls, boars don't cotton to artificial vaginas. (In part, because their penis, like their tail, is corkscrewed.) AI [Artificial Insemination] techs must squeeze the organ in their hand -- hard and without letup -- for the entire duration of the ejaculation: from five to fifteen minutes. 'You should see the size of their hands,' she says, of the men and women who regularly ejaculate boars."

    "However, it is possible to purchase a specialty sow vibrator"

    It's called the reflexator. I haven't checked (and am not going to) but if you're looking to stimulate a sow, maybe google can find one for you. Bonus pointer - unlike humans, their clitoris is located inside their vagina.

    Now she's talking about a scientist who did a bunch of research that required him to manually stimulate a bunch of female chimps.

    "'During intravaginal stimulation,*'"
    an actual footnote. I have to buy all this woman's books, she's pretty funny.

    "'On one occasion, ... this female reached back to grasp the thrusting hand of the experimenter and tried to force it more deeply into her vagina.'"

    I'm leaving out a lot of stuff, long excerpts don't work on a messageboard.

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