Weekend Discussion

By Chris Faylor, Apr 18, 2009 6:43am PDT I've only got two episodes left before I finish The Wire. I don't want it to end. It's to the point where I find myself intentionally delaying my viewings, much as I'll hold off on beating a game I really love, such as Ico, just to make it last as long as possible.

By the way, I'm sad to report that Ohio State managed to top my brother's team in the first round of online voting for the National College Comedy Competition. But there's good news, as Reid's short film is still in the running. If you like it, maybe vote?

Either way, you folks have yourselves a nice weekend. You've earned it, you know.

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  • Eve Online has hooked my soul. Started playing my trial today as a Gallante Gallante and slowly worked my way up through the early missions while getting a grasp of the mechanics of the game and chatting it up with some shackers. Sadly, despite the request made for me to do it in the shacknews channel, I did not accidentally implode my ship thus ruining my rookie career before it ever got started.

    I did however get blown up good on mission 10 of 10 of the first military agent's quest series. I was doing fine until I warped into a zone with a tower that slowed my poor frigate to a crawl. I got ripped apart by the enemies at that point because they could just hang out outside my range.

    After running a few more missions to recover my money loss and after buying a small handful of appropriate upgrades, I should be ready to get my revenge and kick their asses tomorrow once my Frigate level 3 training is complete and I can use my higher end Gallante frigate. Anyway, I'm loving the game especially since it's ideal for me where I might only get one or two nights a week to seriously play, but thanks to the time based skill system I can keep advancing my player in the mean time.