New Star Wars: The Old Republic Screenshots

By Alice O'Connor, Apr 10, 2009 2:52pm PDT

BioWare and Lucasarts have released new screenshots and concept art of their upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, showing the environment of Ord Mantell.

Ord Mantell is a hazardous planet of mountainous plains and volcanic islands currently playing host to a brutal civil war between the Republic military and Separatist guerillas backed by shady crime syndicates--a situation sure to be rife with quest opportunities.

We would love to bring word of a release date but, alas, all we have are pretty pictures.

Thanks to Shacker lotus2133 for the tip.

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  • Everytime I read about their plans for this MMO I get rather excited as it seems to be the first non-sandbox MMO that actually takes it's players seriously. I've played MMOs for 11 years now and this might just be the first MMO where you get to chose the direction your character evolves beyond stat and skill distribution.

    A lot of games have "quests" or at least they call them that, but taking a letter to some guy or killing ten rats isn't really a quest, it's a monotome task along the lines of doing the dishes or cleaning your appartment.

    Sure the task = allowance plan works and I think Blizzard has proven it can attract a lot of people too, but I honestly think it's upright boring so I'm really looking forward to a game where you get choices and real stories. :p

    Not that I'm too optimistic, non-sandbox MMOs seem to have a way of becoming utterly stupid and repetetive.