Borderlands' New Art Style Revealed in Screenshot

BOOM widget 78579Following reports of a new art style for Borderlands, developer Gearbox has provided a glimpse of the game's revised appearance through the cover of the next PC Gamer.

"The image is an in-game screenshot with no post process," said the company.

Referred to as "Diablo with guns" by our very own Nick Breckon, Borderlands is now slated to bring its unique blend of post-apocalyptic gunplay and traditional RPG mechanics (skill trees, level bars, etc.) to PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 before October 31.

For a better glimpse of how the game plays, check our extensive footage. As an added bonus, those videos feature the old art style, so you can see how much has changed.

In related news, the game's website teases that "more" will be revealed Monday.