First Killzone 2 Map Pack Due by Month's End

A map pack featuring two new multiplayer maps for Guerrilla Games' recently released shooter Killzone 2 (PS3) will arrive as downloadable content "towards the end of April," studio director Herman Hulst revealed in the latest episode of GameTrailers TV.

No pricing was mentioned for the pack, which is titled "Steel & Titanium." The first map, Vekta Cruiser, delivers a vertically-oriented arena set in an ISA flagship. The other, Wasteland Bullet, features two speeding trains, with players able to hop between. nope

"We try to come out with frequent and consistent downloadable content," explained Hulst. "Going forward, you're gonna get some proper new features as well."

He also teased that the second, as-yet-undated, map pack, will include a "retro" map.