Morning Discussion

by Chris Faylor, Apr 09, 2009 7:02am PDT

Bummed to hear that Dave Arneson, D&D co-creator, died this week. While I've never been that into the Dungeons & Dragons scene, the influence it has had on video games... well, it's pretty much the backbone of the entire role-playing genre.

Here's hoping, at the least, he was aware of the grand influence of his work.

  • Exchange 2007 Admins

    Maybe I'm not looking hard enough, but we're having issues with mobile users getting rate limited to 2.5MB/s when synching their OST in cached mode. I've found a registry key for rate limiting OAB synchronization, but as far as I can tell, this is unrelated. It doesn't seem to be network related because I can use the full connection doing everything but synching with Outlook.

    The googles do nothing, because all I can find are people on low-bandwidth connections trying to clamp down their bandwidth. I want to open it up a little more.

  • SF Bay Area Shackers!

    I will be 'round your parts the last week of this month! I don't know if you guys would be up for doing anything, but I figure I'll take a stab at it and if anyone wants to hang out when I'm in their area, I'd be totally down for that. I'm there for work, but should have quite a bit of down time.

    23rd: Fly in to SFO, hotel in Union City (San Jose area?)
    24th-25th: Walnut Creek (no idea where this is but apparently it's not far from Union City)
    26th-27th: Turlock (north of SF? no idea really just guessing)
    28th: Santa Rosa
    29th: Santa Clara
    30th: San Francisco (staying near the airport, rental car tho!)
    Fly out on the 1st so only in SF for one night.

    Let me know if you wanna hang out or organize something in SF for the 30th!

  • TrackIR and Freetrack dudes:

    ive been on a sim kick lately, and cant stop watching videos of sims with 6dof mods using led tracking devices. Id really like to get in on the fun, but i cant find any step by step guides on how to make the actual led device (they usually say to soder leds to a power supply and a resistor, but i have zero experience with any of the tech).

    if anyone has made one, or has experience then please point me in the right direction. im extremely hesitant on spending $150 for the trackIR pro.