Morning Discussion

by Chris Faylor, Apr 09, 2009 7:02am PDT

Bummed to hear that Dave Arneson, D&D co-creator, died this week. While I've never been that into the Dungeons & Dragons scene, the influence it has had on video games... well, it's pretty much the backbone of the entire role-playing genre.

Here's hoping, at the least, he was aware of the grand influence of his work.

  • SF II tournament:

    Street Fighter II - ARCADE - Tournament - Monday, April 27th:
    We have partnered with RED7 to hold a special Street Fighter II - ARCADE tournament on their multigame arcade cabinet. It should be tons of fun, and here are the details we know so far...
    street fighter ii arcade pic
    Date: Monday, April 27th
    Place: Red7 - nightclub - downtown Austin
    Time: 8:00pm
    Cost: $5 per contestant
    Prizes: (provided by Game Over Videogames & RED7)

    To guarantee you a spot in the tournament or if you have any additional questions, please email Joe at joetransmission [at] He is the man with the plan for this awesome event. We hope to see all of our fellow Street Fighter II customers and fans there!

    I suck at SFII but might be willing to check it out.

  • I am finally getting around to playing GTA3:SA, Second Edition. Yeah, I know late to the party yadda yadda.

    The most difficult part of the game so far has been installing it. My Goodness, the acting is cool, the actions is sweet, but just getting there was a struggle. For some reason, during the install a file, different each time, could not be located.

    The choices were the age old (A)bort, (R)etry, or (I)gnore. Abort isn't the right option, Retry created a "catastrophic failure" immediately ending the installation with files still installed and I can't uninstall because it's not a complete install. And the most sucessful option which I used Ignore to continue the installation, but the problem is that *duh* files are missing. The most recent install is running smoothly, but this is after 6-7 attempts that included the game crashing to the desktop when I was shot at. The game media is pristine, as I said I'm just getting around to playing it, it's been in a zipper sleeve for years.

    Which brings me to my gripe: installations that don't have a recovery or repair mode. Even checking to see what files have already been installed and bumping up the progress bar, detecting a previous failed installation or generate an error log and the game switches to repair mode to try to get the rest of the program to complete the installation. It's a trajedy when selecting Retry creates an unrecoverable error.

    If memory serves, Dungeon Seige1 had a repair mode. I'm temped to say that a previous edition of Unreal Tournament would enter into a safe mode if there was a problem. My PC runs the game just fine, the DVD player works just fine, but clearly there's a problem.