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By Chris Faylor, Apr 09, 2009 7:02am PDT Bummed to hear that Dave Arneson, D&D co-creator, died this week. While I've never been that into the Dungeons & Dragons scene, the influence it has had on video games... well, it's pretty much the backbone of the entire role-playing genre.

Here's hoping, at the least, he was aware of the grand influence of his work.

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  • This is one of those policies I should have had in writing but never did because I never fucking had to in all the years I've been doing this shit.

    A guy comes to me on a referral after closing his real estate office. He has one of his computers from the old network and wants it cleared off for his new office. No big deal, except there was all kinds of hardware problems to go with it. He has no documentation but finally after a long round and round with HP, they took care of everything under warranty.

    But then the guy goes and disappears. E-mails never get answered (or read receipts), phone calls never get returned, and the only address I have for him is at his old place. I sent him a letter + invoice and it came back today. I have no desire to just hold this computer for him if he ever does decide to show back up.

    So I guess now I have to have forms and shit for people to sign, all thanks to this douche bag. For now, I'm just putting his computer in the shed. If he doesn't claim it by the time we move, craig's list "best offer."