Black Prophecy Trailer Showcases Login Screen, Trade Window and Epic Space Battles

By Alice O'Connor, Apr 08, 2009 6:57pm PDT If you have ever wished EVE Online had more pew pew, this trailer of Reakktor Media's upcoming space combat MMO Black Prophecy might be right up your space alley.

Black Prophecy sports fast-paced combat where players must actually aim their shots, modular ship building and item modification systems, epic space battles offering the opportunity to man a battleship's guns, and some rather fetching space stations.

Reakktor--developer of MMO FPS series Neocron--has yet to announce a release date.

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  • I'm surprised no one's mentioned how similar this looks and plays like freelancer. there's a scene around 6:55, i'll be damned if i didn't think that came out of freelancer.

    but hey, i'm not complaining, not at all :)

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    • This looks somewhat interesting, I'll give it that. It's going to need a lot more to buy me in. I loved Freelancer, but Freelancer always felt like a half finished game, they could have expanded on it SOOO much more.

      The perfect space MMO would take the best parts of Freelancer, mix in some of the better things that World of Warcraft has going, and rock out. One thing that I think definately is missing from this trailer though is rotatable guns that Freelancer had - the fact that your guns are fixed in a forward firing position is a huge turn off for me, that means I always have to be facing my target and flying toward it to shoot at it, I can't do any strafing runs or have my guns fire at a target behind me as I move away. (They should really look into the mouse aiming that Freelancer had - I loved it. They need to think of starships more like sea vessels, battleships, that have mounted rotatable turrets that can fire in any direction, and not aircraft like F-16's with fixed machine guns) Other than that, just expand on what Freelancer was, the ability to dock on capital ships, starbases, planets, and give the players the ability to create their own starbases, their own colonies on planets, create their own trade routes and freight lines, etc.