LEGO Rock Band Confirmed by GDC Slide Foul-up?

BOOM widget 78383 A cut slide from Harmonix senior designer Dan Teasdale's GDC lecture has lent considerable credence to the rumor of a LEGO Rock Band project.

The image, noticed by a Kotaku tipster, comes from an early version of Teasdale's set of slides, which was accidentally posted by GDC show runner Think Services.

Another slide featured placeholder text reading "project to be announced before or at 9 AM Friday," with Teasdale writing in the margins, "There's a project that I'll be talking about here, but it hasn't been announced yet. BUT - I will be showing it at GDC!"

But Harmonix stayed silent on Friday, leading Teasdale to cut the slides from his talk.

The slide also reveals a few unannounced Guitar Hero projects, including "GH: VH" and "GH: BH," which could refer to the rumored Guitar Hero: Van Halen and Guitar Hero: Band Hero projects, respectively.