Multi-platform Silent Hill Reimagining Announced

BOOM widget 362948 Konami has announced Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, a reimagining of the original 1999 Silent Hill survival horror title. A Wii release had been revealed by magazine scans, now Konami confirm PlayStation 2 and PSP versions too.

Shattered Memories shares the same plot as Silent Hill but shakes elements up to keep seasoned players on their toes. Harry Mason (pictured here in concept art form) will still search the desolate fogbound town of Silent Hill for his missing daughter only to find unspeakable terrors, but its human inhabitants will appear in new places reacting differently, and new clues and gameplay paths are to be found.

New to Shattered Memories is a system Konami calls the "psyche profile", which tracks your actions--where you go, items you examine and your responses to those you meet--then adapts Harry's in-game reactions to humans and horrors accordingly.

Developed by Climax, the team behind Silent Hill: Origins, Shattered Memories also features an all-new soundtrack by series composer-cum-producer Akira Yamaoka.

The Wii release has controls tailored to the Wiimote, allowing players to use it as a flashlight and cell phone. The flash light is your plain old Silent Hill flashlight, barely illuminating the crushing darkness all around you, but the new cell phone offers handy GPS maps and a camera, presumably to take vacation snaps of faceless terrors.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is set to make your shriek and throw your Wii, PlayStation 2 or PlayStation Portable at the wall in panic come fall.