Godfather 2 DLC Detailed

By Alice O'Connor, Apr 01, 2009 11:04am PDT In a deadly earnest announcement, EA has detailed the Godfather II downloadable content to be available shortly after release for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The three DLC packs--and one mega bundle--offer various treats including new maps, new characters and weapon unlocks Scoring The Pentangeli Map Pack for 540 Microsoft Points--$6.75 on PS3-- earns you the all-new Cuba and Junkyard multiplayer maps.

Whack the Level 4 Weapons Bundle for 320 Points--$4.00--to pick up the Modern Dillinger tommy gun, the .700 Magnum Impact, the Herzstopper pistol, the MG-S1 Sniper Wolfe rifle, and the Street Sweeper shotgun weapons.

The Jack of All Trades pack for 320 Points--$4.00--swells your family's ranks with Jimmy Lira, a multi-talented character packing the MP38 level 2 machine gun.

Finally, the Corleone Bundle includes all of the above for 800 Microsoft Points, or $10.

EA Redwood Shores' The Godfather II muscles its way onto the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on April 7 and the assorted DLC will be available shortly after, on April 23.

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  • I seriously can't believe the EA assfuck machine is actually operating at these levels now. Do they really think that 60 fucking dollars isn't enough for a complete game? If this stuff is good and makes the game more fun, shouldn't it be in the package enticing players to buy it instead of requiring the standard FU EA!! anger campaign on message boards across the world and having everyone looking ahead to October when Mafia II releases, hopefully as a complete game out of the box? As I remember the first Godfather game was pretty weak so they already have lost ground to make up.