Dead Rising 2 Multiplayer Now Unconfirmed

Update: Laura Scholl meant to say "multiplatform," not "multiplayer," while discussing the middleware behind Dead Rising 2, a mental images rep told Joystiq.

As for Capcom, the publisher told the site that it has "not announced much about the game at this point" when asked about possible multiplayer support in the sequel. nope

Original: While boasting at GDC that Dead Rising 2 is capable of displaying at least 6,000 characters on-screen in multiplayer, mental images product manager Laura Scholl inadvertently confirmed that the sequel packs multiplayer support, reports IGN.

That's a first for the series, as the 2006 Xbox 360-exclusive original only allowed players to tackle the zombie horde by themselves. In development at Blue Castle, DR2 is expected on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 next year. No other multiplayer details were given.

Scholl was there to discuss the mental mill technology her company produces, which Blue Castle Games is using to populate the game with a wider diversity of zombies.