Postal 3 Trailer : Beaver Maulage and Segway Action

By Chris Faylor, Mar 25, 2009 11:25am PDT

Running With Scissors has released a small bit of gameplay footage from its upcoming and sure-to-be controversial open-world action game, Postal III. Co-developed by Akella, it's coming to PC and Xbox 360 by the year's end, with an eventual PS3 release as well.

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  • LOL, I cant believe people are saying this engine looks bad. Sure the graphics aren't "INSANELY REALISTIC" but it looks like ALOT of work went into the programming of the main character. I see games like Lara Croft, Resident Evil 5, and Gears of War, and the programming of the main character is absoluetely dreadful and boring, yet you "whiners" are totally cool with playing with such sloppy and boring controls

    I think postal 3 looks kinda bad, not going to lie, but it looks like they are thinking outside the box and bringing alot of new ideas to the table that other companys simply havent tried.