Wii Ships 50 Million Units, Declared Fastest Selling Console Ever

By Chris Faylor and Nick Breckon, Mar 25, 2009 9:12am PDT Nintendo's ever-popular Wii has shipped a stunning 50 million consoles worldwide since its 2006 debut, with the company claiming that it's the fastest-selling console ever.

The announcement came just moments ago, as Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata kicked off his keynote speech at this year's Game Developers Conference.

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  • The thing about the Wii selling all those units... it wasn't really part of Nintendo's plan.

    If it sold as well as the GC no one would be complaining because there wouldn't be all of those shitty games out for it.

    What I'm saying is there are the same number of high quality titles this generation as there were for the last gen, it's just that 3rd party developers are doing their best to cash in on Nintendo's surprise success by filling the huge void where more quality games would be if Nintendo had more people available to work on new games.

    The problem is that they are staying small scale in their game development when they should be expanding astronomically to grab more software sales market share, which is what's keeping them from having a higher % of "good" games on the market for the Wii.

    Having 3 or 4 good titles a year was no big deal when they only sold a couple million consoles per year. When you sell around a million units per month, you're going to have a higher number of people that don't quite get how small Nintendo's market share was at launch and how unprepared they were to sate the consumer's hunger for it's unique gaming system.

    (The GC sold about 22 million units overall, the Wii has sold about 22 million units PER YEAR so far...)