Fat Princess Screenshots Encourage Cruel Jokes

New Fat Princess screenshots this morning show more of developer Titan Studios' light-hearted take on obesity, abduction and false imprisonment.

You, up to 16 noble heroes, must rescue your beloved princess from the depths of the dastardly enemy team's castle, where they are fattening her up with delicious cake so she's harder to carry away. Oh, and you have their podgy princess in your own castle too--you fiends!--so you best stifle their rescue attempt.

nope Players can switch between Fat Princess's five character classes--mage, priest, worker, warrior and archer--cutely and conveniently by picking up a new hat. The humble worker might not seem glamourous in this frenetic multiplayer action but is essential, collecting resources to construct fortifications and upgrade hat machines to power up classes.

Published by Sony, Fat Princess is reportedly due on the PlayStation Store this summer.