Hatsworth Chaps Depart EA, Create New Studio

Two of the top blokes behind EA's charmingly British platformer-puzzler Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure have ventured forth from the publisher to found DreamRift, a new independent studio.

Hatsworth lead designer Pete Ong and lead programmer Ryan Pijai are joined by unnamed diamond geezers from across the industry. DreamRift is wooing prospective publishers with its first project this week at the Game Developers Conference.


Released March 17 for the Nintendo DS, Henry Hatsworth is a charming platformer-puzzle hybrid where players match blocks in the lower screen to destroy enemies and charge up special abilities in the top's platformer. Amongst these powers is the fabulous "Tea time," which seats the Pompous Adventurers' Club's top adventurer in an invincible steam-powered robot--just another Tuesday in England.