Stalin vs. Martians Trailer: Do the 'Hail Stalinator'

After watching this new trailer for Stalin vs. Martins--the bizarre PC RTS lovechild of developers BWF, Dreamlore and N-Game--I'm too awestruck to come up with anything. Fortunately, the developers also sent along some marketing copy:
Following the demand of the audience for the Stalin vs. Martians footage, comments that gameplay bits in the debut trailer are "choppy" and rumours that there's no game at all, only dancing Stalin, BWF and Dreamlore release a new video that gives everyone some answers.

Stay tuned for the updates, more weird stuff is on the way!

Packing an "incredible Russian soundtrack and wild music-video intermissions," Stalin vs. Martians arrives on "all of the main digital distribution services" in April. BOOM video 1637