Champions Online Screenshots: 'A Brief Glimpse of Action in Canada'

By Nick Breckon, Mar 18, 2009 2:12pm PDT According to developer Cryptic, these screenshots from the upcoming MMO Champions Online (PC, Xbox 360) offer a "brief glimpse of action in Canada."
Okay, they're probably referring to the snowy shot later on in the gallery, but who can tell?

Champions Online hits the PC this spring, with an Xbox 360 release coming later on. Thanks to lotus2133 for the screen tip.

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  • I posted an overly long analysis of whether Marvel or DC universe ported better to an MMO, but the truth is that the Champions universe ports better than either of them.

    Granted, they are not using the tabletop version's ruleset with anything approaching 100% fidelity, but the power sets, characters, rules of the road, and setting were tailored to exist in a game where players needed to be competitive, but not overwhelming in the universe. While there are powerful NPC's, there is no real Superman-type hero that makes PC's go "We can never get to that level without breaking the game."

    The villains are powerful, but they exist within a cohesive ruleset. There is no Parallax-type enemy that is so far out of reach of the characters' power levels as to be impossible to express properly in an MMO.