Devil May Cry Series Ships Ten Million Copies

First, it was Street Fighter 4 shipping more than two million copies. Then, Resident Evil 5 shipped four million. Now publisher and developer Capcom is touting Devil May Cry figures, revealing that the stylish action series has shipped ten million copies.


The franchise premiered on PlayStation 2 in 2001, and later made its way to PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. In fact, the latest entry, Devil May Cry 4 (PC, PS3, 360), set a new record for the series by shipping some 2.2 million copies worldwide.

Series creator Hideki Kamiya left Capcom in early 2007, well before the release of Devil May Cry 4, and joined up with many other former Capcom all-stars at what later became Platinum Games. He's currently producing Bayonetta, a PS3 and Xbox 360 action game that looks similar to Devil May Cry, but stars a gal with guns in her shoes.