World in Conflict: Soviet Assault Trailer Portrays the Dramatic Splendor of Video Game War

By Nick Breckon, Mar 10, 2009 5:06pm PDT This new trailer for Massive Entertainment's upcoming PC expansion World in Conflict: Soviet Assault is quite a piece of work.

World in Conflict is a great game, but I can't get behind the recent trend of marketing war games as melodramatic epics. High-drama Brothers in Arms cutscenes and tearful Gears of War commercials pale in comparison to a good, no-nonsense Contra.

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  • I think what's interesting is that the cinematics are being used more to sell the games than the gameplay is. EA has been using this to sell their versions of the CnC world fairly successfully. The fact that Kane was in CnC 3 brought me to it but I never really cottoned to it as I did to Act of War which criminally undersold or as to Generals Zero Hour due to all the great mods there. I loved all the vids I saw of Red Alert 3 but nothing about the game itself grabbed me.

    I also wonder if it's the industry's (somewhat self -concious) stab at being "art" since they've been so heavily criticized by non-gamers (primarily) as not being - art.

    Still I found this trailer compelling - the contrast of the two Soviet commanders is really interesting. Battle-hardened old timer who seems to see the tragic mistake of his political leaders and the gung ho young turk. Having served everyone prefers the gung ho type because they are so motivating and inspirational. That wears off really quickly when you realize that spirit can often get you killed. Whereas Orlovsky's world-weariness strikes a more personal chord for me in the "what is this going to cost me, and all of us" vein.

    TLDR - this cinematic made me vastly more interested in this game than I was prior to it.