Morning Discussion

By Chris Faylor, Mar 10, 2009 7:28am PDT And a good morning to you, Shacknews. It's looking like a grey, rainy Tuesday here in northeast Indiana, but I am hopeful that the sun will come out at some point today.

I keep meaning to actually play some video games in my free time--50 Cent needs to be finished, Dawn of War II is looking lonely--but I keep getting distracted by The Wire. I'm mid-way through season 2, and it's to the point where I'm watching a disc per night.

Lastly, there are few things more annoying than a pair of headphones on its last legs. The sound on the right side keeps cutting in and out, and I'm getting dizzy. Blah.

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  • Buffalo + Tomato Wireless Menz

    Does anyone have any issues or know what may be up with throttling a wireless signal in the settings? I updated the new firmware and set the recommended QOS settings but something is bottlenecking the wireless. Ethernet is blazing fast. And when I'm trying to connect to a site over wireless, it takes a while to load up a page, and then when it gets it, instead of streaming up the pics and stuff it slaps it all there like it almost caches until its all there before displaying in firefox.

    Anyone know what's up with this? Takes 10 seconds for example to connect to google reader, or yahoo finance but once it's loaded it's BAM.

    I thought it was the DNS but I checked and verified both OPEN DNS and my roadrunner servers as not the culprit. Also, in Tomato's health section my RSSI is -23 and quality 76 (not even sure if that's good)

  • Dawn of War 2

    New patch is out!

    Popcap fix, kinda
    Addressed a Population Cap issue where during reinforcement, the final unit reinforced charged twice the population cap to the player. *NOTE* – This is part of 1 of a 2 part fix. There are still a few edge cases where the bug could occur. They are however, rare and require intended exploitation in order to recreate. Our next patch will completely resolve this issue but requires further testing and certification.

    Other stuff*]
    Fixed an issue where users with the top end video cards were unable to select Ultra settingg
    Fixed a Fatal Scar error in Mission D (Angel Forge)

  • Need a job? I am back again to try and find someone to join our company. We need a coldfusion developer who is also well versed in MS SQL. I know coldfusion is old and we should be using about every technology besides it, but thats what our system runs and we're stuck with it for now. This would be a full time job, we are located in Boca Raton FL, we would prefer you to live near us, but it is a work at home job. Knowledge in other areas like PHP would be great, since we plan to move away from coldfusion eventually. You can email me at