Empire: Total War Contest Wrap-up

In return for three copies of Empire: Total War, we asked you to give us your best suggestions for Creative Assembly's next Total War game. The results were a mix of predictable and very much unpredictable responses.

The most popular periods of history for Total War adaptation seemed to be the American Civil War and World War I, while a sequel to Shogun: Total War is clearly wanted by more than a few fans. Modern day and futuristic Total War games were also popular choices. nope A few entries provided some humor to the serious strategic pitches, such as robosextoid's pitch for a Total War game based around his ex-girlfriend. Insect-based concepts by fugu124 and good man represented some of the more out-in-left-field, but novel ideas.

But only three random winners can ultimately walk away with a game. All three will receive a copy of the game, with the other ancillary prizes divvied up as equally as possible.

The winners:

  • -sk-
  • tomservo
  • DrZettl
Thanks to all for participating!
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