Begins Buying, Selling Used Games

By Chris Faylor, Mar 05, 2009 10:39am PST Joining the lucrative used game market, online retailer today began accepting console game trades in exchange for credit, which can then be used on the site.

Prospective traders select the games they wish to trade, with the values prominently displayed, and are then provided with a free shipping label. Once the product arrives at, that value is added to one's account. Those that trade by March 19 will receive a coupon for 10% off a single game or accessory.

The games must be in "good condition" and include the original packaging.

According to Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian, a survey of ten games shows Amazon is "offering a slight premium to GameStop for a number of trade-ins."

However, Sebastian told GameDaily BIZ that the firms does "not expect a significant impact on GameStop's used business as a result of Amazon's new trade-in program." He explained that though Amazon can offer a greater trade value and a better selection of used games, the delay in receiving credit has been unpopular in past scenarios.

Toys R Us recently began testing its own trade program, the market being a substantial source of profit for GameStop. In Q2 2008, used game sales made up 49.7% of GameStop's profit, though they only accounted for some 26.1% of total sales.

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  • I checked the trade in value for various PS2 games and they're quite bad. This service is only for the lazy and/or clueless. Especially for more rare but popular games. You can get 30+ for Yakuza 2 on ebay easily. The trade in value on Amazon is 8.00. ICO is another game that can go for 20+ easily, whereas you can get 11.00 on Amazon. Creating an ebay auction is not difficult. It's only time consuming if you want to maximize your return by ensuring your auction is the best deal. You might say all of the above only applies to a narrow set of games but the thing is these are the only games they want. Type in various mediocre games and they don't want it at all unless you're very lucky.

    If you want to throw money away just bring the game to Gamestop. It satisfies the immediate discounting that shipping does not.