A Boy and His Blob Resurrected

Though its first attempt to revive A Boy and His Blob didn't go so well--an eventually cancelled Nintendo DS game slated for 2005--publisher Majesco today revealed that it's making another attempt to resurrect the platforming franchise, this time on the Wii.

The hand-drawn game, due out this fall, is in the hands of WayForward, which handled Contra 4 (DS), Ping Pals (DS), Shantae (GBC), and the WiiWare game Lit.

As with the NES original and Game Boy-only sequel, the Wii edition of A Boy and His Blob will have players feeding jelly beans to their adoring blob-tastic companion, enabling the blob to assume the shape of helpful tools, such as a ladder. Of course, new jelly beans will be available, like the Bubble Gum Bubble and Caramel Cannon. nope

What's in it for the blob? Well, the boy is going to help it free Blobolonia from the evil emperor. Which raises the question, are you a bad enough dude to save Blobolonia?