King of Fighters 12 Hitting PS3, Xbox 360 in July

By Chris Faylor, Mar 03, 2009 10:21am PST Following up on the rather bare-bones announcement that The King of Fighters XII would arrive on consoles sometime this year, publisher Ignition has revealed that the hand-drawn SNK fighter will hit PlayStation 3s and Xbox 360s worldwide in July.

"While other fighting games have abandoned the time-consuming process of creating beautiful 2D art, KOFXII fully embraces the refined aesthetic beauty that only human hands can produce," said former games journalist and Ignition business development director Shane Bettenhausen, making a not-so-subtle jab at Street Fighter IV.

Ignition seems to be playing this one awfully close to its chest--the publisher has yet to release a single official screenshot from the console editions--but promises that more information and media are indeed coming at some point before the game's arrival.

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