Lost Planet 2 Only Announced for Xbox 360

Following the revelation of Lost Planet 2 on Monday, Capcom officially announced the action-adventure sequel today, noting that at this point, it's only coming to Xbox 360.

Taking place 10 years after the first Lost Planet, the new entry follows the various snow pirate factions as they battle for control over the once-icy planet. Alongside the single-player mode, a multiplayer campaign will offer four-person cooperative online play. nope

While the game is only announced for Xbox 360, several factors point to the possibility of an eventual multi-platform release, including the part where Capcom quite clearly swore off platform exclusives for its major releases, and the part where Capcom development head Keiji Inafune just mentioned a multi-platform Lost Planet sequel.

Amusingly, the original Lost Planet, which ended up on PC and PlayStation 3 after its initial Xbox 360 release, was long promoted as an Xbox 360 exclusive. In fact, producer Jun Takeuchi once told GameSpot that porting or developing the first Lost Planet on a system other than the Xbox 360 "would potentially dilute the final product."

While the first Lost Planet was developed with Capcom's internal MT Framework technology, an engine that simplifies cross-platform PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 development, the sequel will be the first game to use the improved MT Framework 2.

Though no release date for Lost Planet 2 has been set, Capcom said that the incorporation of community feedback from the first Lost Planet should result in "a game that both new and returning fans to the series will love."